Guarantee & Complaints

Our goal is to make you happy. Therefore, each product is carefully manufactured and checked by us before it is sent to you.

EVE + ADIS gives you a 24-month guarantee on all products.

This does not apply in the following cases: theft or loss, intentional damage, damage to the bags and jewelry due to improper use (scratching with sharp objects, bumping, dropping, throwing, wearing when showering, bathing, sleeping or doing sports (see care instructions) . Also due to normal wear and tear, change or aging.

The guarantee on our bags and jewelery only applies to manufacturing defects or if they change significantly or break despite compliance with care. 

Irregularities in natural leather are normal and welcome with us! This is not a reason for complaint for us. 

Please do not allow pearl jewelry and leather bags to come into direct contact with oil/fat or chemical substances such as perfume, cosmetics and cleaning agents, as these can lead to discoloration. Sweat can also affect jewellery, but this varies from person to person as the acidity in sweat varies.