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Armband LOAH | braun

Armband LOAH | braun

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The minimalist bracelet is simple and timeless in design. The filigree bracelet in gold is made especially for you in our studio.The glass beads can be moved on the delicate bracelet to get two different styles.

Sustainable minimalist jewelry || EVE + ADIS.

So that you are the right onesizeFor the minimalist bracelet, we recommend that you take a simple tape measure and measure your wrist circumference loosely. The gold bracelet should be 1 cm larger than the measured circumference.

  • Japanese glass beads 24 carat gold plated
  • 14k gold plated clasp
  • silk cord
  • logo pendant

We use high-quality materials for our minimalist bracelet. That will last a long time if treated and cared for with proper care.

We recommend putting on your gold filigree bracelet after showering and applying moisturizer or fragrance, and removing your jewelery at night before bed. Please avoid exposing your jewelry to wet or damp conditions.

If you're not wearing your minimalist bracelet, we recommend storing it separately from other jewelry. To avoid tangling and limit abrasion with other materials.

Sustainable minimalist jewelry || EVE + ADIS -

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jewelry care

Our silk cord is a natural fiber that is durable but not indestructible. Like a worn pair of jeans or a favorite t-shirt, you will find your silk cord jewelry taking on a new color and wearing down over time with prolonged use. Due to the day-to-day activities that we expose our hands to, bracelets take much more wear and tear compared to necklaces. If you wear your jewelry with care and not just continuously in all moments of your life, it will last for many years.


The gold beads used are glass beads with 24 carat gold plating. These beads are sensitive to abrasion and the coating will wear away over time with repeated rubbing. Be especially careful with bracelets. We are happy to replace beads that have lost their coating for a repair fee.

How to care for your silk tassels:
Take your time finger combing and smoothing the tassels after each wear. This will prevent individual strands from becoming matted or tangled over time.

How to remove a kink in the silk ribbon: 
Apply a small amount of water directly to the crease or crease on the silk cord. We recommend dampening a fingertip to apply the very limited amount needed. Immediately after wetting the cord, smooth the crease between your fingers. Then let the tape dry.

At some point, your well-worn piece of jewelry may need repairing. We charge a small fee for repairs and are happy to offer repairs on any piece of jewelry, including our friendship bracelets.


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